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Many Marvel fans agreed with the teacher and they said they would do the same.

For every Marvel fan who hasn’t yet got the opportunity to watch Avengers: Endgame, the culmination of the Avengers franchise, avoiding spoilers online or anywhere for that matter, is the most important thing right now. And now many ardent Avengers buffs are setting out rules and warning those who have seen the film to not give away anything about the 22nd movie from the MCU. Recently, a teacher set out some similar rules for his students and now the notice is going viral.

A Twitter user @kamiilious shared a note their teacher posted to the classroom’s door on Friday, demonstrating how seriously he’s taking spoilers. Explaining that his brother is in Tampa and he is waiting for him to come back and then they would go together to see the film, stressing “That will be Wednesday night at the SOONEST.”

The viral notice he put outside his classroom stated, “Do not discuss anything about it anywhere near my classroom until this sign comes down.” And warning Marvel fans as what they would be scared of, he added, “If anyone of you spoils a single frame of this movie for me, I promise you I will make you wish that Thanos snapped your narrow a**.”