Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably the hardest part of planning a wedding. With SO many brands, styles and fabrics to choose from there really does seem to be an endless stream of dresses to pick from. And when you’ve found one that seems to tick all the boxes, there’s a whole other list of people to please: mother-in-law, bridesmaids, partner.

Although there’s no doubting that we choose a dress for ourselves, there’s definitely a big part of every bride that wants to please the person they’re about to marry, too. And when tradition states your significant other shouldn’t see your dress before the big day, it’s all a bit of a gamble.

Now, cult bridal label Grace Loves Lace have taken out the hard work, creating a dress specifically designed with what partners love in mind. Surveying a group of partners-in-waiting around the world, the Gold Coast-based label have created the ‘Hart’, a wedding dress inspired by the elements most partners look for in a gown.

“Such a big part of choosing a dress is taking into consideration what you think your partner wants to see you walk down the aisle in,” founder and creative director Megan Ziems said of the design, which is way better than we expected.

Grace Loves Lace
Grace Loves Lace

The resulting look is surprisingly simple, featuring a classic fitted bodice and fishtail train. Crafted from gorgeous white lace, the dress merges a modern silhouette with some traditional details — a match made in heaven.

As for what these partners looked for, no surprises here: it was all about accentuating their bride’s best assets.

“The most common request from partners was that the dress had to be simple, closely followed by a silhouette that hugs her curves, especially the bust and butt,” said Ziems.