Fast charging will help electric cars such as the Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow electric concept vehicle. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg© 2018 Bloomberg Finance LP

We are living in an age of massive technological change, but sometimes it is all so complicated it can be hard to work out what’s really going to change the world and what will fall by the wayside.

Researchers at Lux have looked at the key technology innovations that are going to change the world economy – and our lives over the next 10 years. Its 19 for 2019 report looks at the innovations that are facing market roadblocks and those that are more likely to succeed because they fit an unmet market need.

The top 5 transformative technologies to watch in 2019, according to Lux, are:Machine learning and AI: These programs can quickly generate insight from vast datasets for uses in retail, transportation, medicine, and more – 10,000+ AI patents were filed in the past year.Wearable electronics: Wearables are evolving beyond the smartphone to serve as connected, personalized sensors – venture capital funding over the past five years has totalled $2 billion.3D printing: Long used for prototypes, this type of digitally controlled manufacturing is now being used for tooling and production parts – patent filings have soared 60% since 2014.Genome editing: Use of CRISPR and other tools can provide the next level of personalization and customization in farming, for consumers and patients – Intellectual Property activity has increased sevenfold from five years ago.Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Enterprise uses for AR and VR are on the rise for training, quality, productivity, and more – $2 billion+ in VC funding pours in each year. New to the list this year are battery fast-charging, graphene and 2D materials, drones, precision medicine, Perovskite solar, natural language processing, generative design, last-mile transportation and blockchain.