Image result for Higher education in India: Issues and Challenges | Prof Furqan QamarProfessor Furqan Qamar, an internationally renowned and nationally respected Educationist has assumed his new role of the Secretary General of the Association of Indian Universities on 26th June, 2014 for a term of five years. He was chosen from amongst several Vice Chancellors for this position of the Principal Executive Officer of the Association while he was serving the Central University of Himachal Pradesh as its Vice Chancellor. In en exclusive interaction with The Policy Times (, Prof Furqan Qamar, shared his views and insights on ‘Higher education in India: Issues and Challenges’ highlighting the following areas To become an economic and super power, education is the key factor. Government has to focus on both form of education– higher and primary. We have thousands of universities, colleges, & faculties but still very far away from India becoming an education hub like any other European University. Your Comment please. When it comes to higher education problem, two broad reasons of Infrastructure and Quality teaching—is mentioned. What is your position on that? India is one the countries whose education budget is one of the lowest which is around 2.7 % in 2018 while 3.1 % in 2013. It means it has always been in between 2 to 3 % and sometime lower than that. Is lack of funding a major issue in higher education in India? Do you see Privatization of higher education a way forward?