Father invites PM Modi to daughter's wedding

Father invites PM Modi to daughter’s wedding

The Rajashekaran family from Vellore were in for a surprise when they received a letter of congratulations for an upcoming wedding in their family.

TS Rajasekaran a retired regional medical researcher and supervisor had recently invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his daughter Dr Rajshri’s wedding. The wedding of his daughter was supposed to take place on September 11.

The family were in for a surprise on Saturday when they received a letter from the PM himself. The letter said, “It is my pleasure to learn about the wedding of your daughter Dr Rajsri with Dr Sudarsan. Thank you for inviting me on this momentous occasion.”

Further the letter wished that the couple have a future filled with “prosperity and wonderful shared experiences.”

The congratulatory message from the Prime Minister left the families of the couple elated. The family plans to frame the picture and even said that this gesture from the PM comes as a huge surprise for them.

The family reportedly had sent an invite of the wedding to the PM and had requested him to come and bless the young couple.

Though they were aware that PM’s busy schedule will not permit his presence at the wedding, his letter by itself has made their day.