Image result for Airline Saved Puerto Rican Wedding by Delivering Forgotten Bridesmaid's Dress from TexasWhen a bridesmaid forgot to carry her wedding dress with her to the wedding in Puerto Rico, Taylor Kennedy had no other option but to rely on the kindness of strangers on the internet.

On Thursday, Grayleigh from Houston, Texas forgot the dress she was supposed to wear at her sister’s wedding in Puerto Rico. As the maid of honour, it was requisite for her to have the pre-planned dress at the ceremony. Grayleigh tried to get her friend Rachel Turner to have the dress shipped to her overnight but the fastest the package would reach her was Monday, which was too late for the wedding scheduled on Sunday.

A distressed Grayleih realised that the only way she could get the dress delivered to her on time was if someone flew the dress to Puerto Rico with them post haste.

In what was possibly a last-ditch effort, Taylor Kennedy, a Dallas based school teacher and another friend of the bridesmaid put up a post on Twitter, asking whoever was travelling from Houston to Puerto Rico to consider carrying the dress for her. Taylor also tagged the Twitter handle of Southwest Airlines on the post.